1. I don’t know what this is anymore.

    Just let this be,
    the mess that my head is and isn’t.

    I stopped belonging to anyone for a long time now. I hardly belong to myself. I’m awake and asleep for someone else’s schedule. But I still don’t belong to them. I just work with them.

    I’m trying to make something work. Make it look like work.

    I feel bad for you cause of the wolves except they’re more Red Riding Hood, getting off their path and hounding you with questions. The difference is you don’t want to devour them. They want to devour you. The twist is you’re a cannibal and your heart is too human to resist.

    I haven’t been over in a while knowing things will never be simple.

    I feel like you’re on to something and I want to sit back here so you know it’s all you. I see the same convictions in you as I do with a lot of the right friends. You want a change, you want to make it and the path isn’t point a to point b. But we aren’t here to draw lines, except for the line in the sand that we decide is the end. We decide the force of the wave and we’re never coming back to this side of the shore, no matter how unsure we seem.

    I just want to write and sing and connect.

    I gave up video games. I’m giving up people games.

    This one isn’t meant to woo you. This one isn’t meant to push you. This one is alive without the influence inflicted nor initiated in another. Even if that’s the one thing I want. Man doesn’t live by bread alone though.

    That being said, how am I sure I’m alive?


  2. "I guess I’m wondering if I’m

    infatuated with life.

    Cause I know some people

    are just muted, softly filtered

    photographs of something

    beautiful. They’re romanticized

    and I can’t be in the moment

    they are…”


  3. (I’m playin in this one. But for real, not down to play with stupidity).

    My goodness
    My hoodness
    Skinny, eatin haters with the looks’
    Full of wonder like “where she put this??”
    Fuck these wusses
    I get ruthless
    When i call bullshit
    My shit makes you feel antsy
    Violated, cause it’s like i got handsy
    You felt touched, i’m like that movie with Mandy
    Moore, but no more fuckin with these pansies
    Cause I ain’t in a van handin’ out candy
    Please, y’all little boys like Peter Pan
    Callin cause you hung up on Neverland
    But imma hang up, aint down for bangarang
    Grown pirate shit on the Hook 
    Like booty, booty, booty
    Rockin everywhere you look
    Yeah yo girl got the chest but not the treasure I took
    From these queens in chess, with they interest
    In big moves from a rook
    Any dinners I book
    Go first come, first serve
    Down to fuck? Then we can date, sure
    Jokes, it comes down to what I deserve
    No playin, ain’t about the hit and swerve
    You can be mad at what sounds like pretension
    But it’s not nose up,
    Gotta knows,
    Be up front with intention
    I’m mad good, no front,
    Saint like ascension
    Hashtag, y’all want attention?
    Some so-called pimps ain’t worth a mention!


  4. Dandelions

    The pretty things.
    One shows up when I feel hopeful.
    Another shows up when I feel hopeless.
    But they always show up when I feel like leaving.
    When I feel vulnerable enough to see them as an escape.
    And the path never looks the same playing in that field.